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OUR PROMISE: We are optimistic about the future and we are committed to being a part of the solution. 

The Problem


16% of the USA population lives in a distressed community, impacting over 52 million peoples livelihoods and businesses.


Distressed communities and small businesses have little to no access to essential and critical project development funding sources necessary to overcome the burdens of high energy costs.


There is an uneven distribution of resources. This allows for 3X higher energy burdens than non-low-income households and many struggling businesses.

Clean Energy Earth, Community Solar, Nonprofit

Our Vision

- Affordable energy for all


GEMM COMM is passionate about providing more opportunity for all. We serve the interest of underserved households, under resourced businesses, and community-based organizations.


Energy resilience is not just a local or state initiative, it is a global priority to increase environmental justice and improve racial equity for both vulnerable households and other economically challenged markets to allow for equitable and balanced energy spending.


We do not believe there can be a better future if historically marginalized communities are left behind. We know our solutions empower households, increase safety, health, and economic development, and we know this will lead to a better future.

Our Executive Director

Khalid Malik
LEED Accredited Professional

Khalid Malisoff GEMM COMM Executive Director

As Executive Director of GEMM COMM, Khalid Malik drives our mission to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions to unserved markets and underserved communities. With 14+ years of project management experience in energy-use assessments and efficiency projects, he has successfully reduced energy loads for various commercial and residential property types.


Khalid's passion for community capacity building emerged during his role as a community navigator, where he was on the front lines of catastrophic natural disasters that displaced residents and disrupted local business operations.


Khalid brings his expertise to GEMM COMM to facilitate retrofits of low- and moderate-income communities and transform small-to-medium sized businesses into resilient commercial operations with current focus in Mid Atlantic:  Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia Metropolitan region.

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