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Building Compliance Program

We are dedicated to supporting buildings in meeting and exceeding new compliance standards across the nation.


  • Affordable Housing

  • Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

  • Nonprofits 


  • Conduct a preliminary assessment to determine a building's eligibility for building compliance studies and available funding.

  • Evaluate the building's current compliance status regarding energy performance standards and regulatory requirements in project location.

Step 1: Initial Assessment


Step 2: Compliance Study

  • Qualify for financial assistance to initiate a compliance study specific to the building.

  • Collaborate with experts to perform a detailed analysis of the building's energy performance, identifying areas that require improvement for compliance.

Step 3: Master Plan Solutions

  • Use study findings, craft an energy master plan outlining specific strategies and solutions to meet standards.

  • Identify and prioritize energy improvements based on the survey findings, building needs, and budget, considering energy efficiency, water, and air quality enhancements.


Step 4: Project Implemention

  • Facilitate the implementation of recommended upgrades or improvements, leveraging available resources and partnerships and other financing.

  • Ongoing support available to through periodic monitoring, assessment, and adjustments as needed.

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