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Clean Energy, Department of Environmental Protection, Nonprofit Solar, Community Solar

A nonprofit delivering clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions to under-resourced communities and organizations.


We understand that environmental sustainability improves homes, businesses, and communities. This is why we develop energy projects to reduce climate footprints and maximize resource availability to vulnerable households as well as economically challenged small businesses. We are a tax exempt corporation who utilize modern technology systems and partnerships to provide you with the resiliency planning and funding you need to improve your building and your community.

Access to Clean Energy Improves:

Improve Life GEMM COMM


Energy bill savings lower the cost of energy as a percentage of income.  


Education systems demand reliable computer and internet connectivity 


Local projects increase job opportunity and decreases risks associated with energy payments


Clean energy leads to clean air and water. When the earth is cleaner, people are able to live more safely and healthy lives.

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