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Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits Program

We understand the challenges faced by non-profits in maintaining their buildings' energy systems. Our nation-wide program aims to support fellow non-profits in identifying suitable energy upgrades and securing funding for their aging systems.

How We Help

Energy Audit and Assessment

Offering comprehensive energy audits to evaluate existing systems, pinpoint inefficiencies, and recommend cost-effective solutions. Our team works closely with non-profits to understand their unique requirements and constraints.

GEMM COMM (3).png
GEMM COMM (3).png

Funding Assistance

Navigating funding options can be daunting. We provide guidance on available grants, incentives, and financing programs suitable for implementing energy upgrades. Our experts assist in preparing funding applications and proposal.

Customized Retrofit Solutions

Based on the audit findings, we design customized energy retrofit plans that align with each nonprofit's goals, considering factors like budget, energy savings, and environmental impact.

Get in Touch

Are you a non-profit seeking assistance with energy upgrades and funding? Contact us today to discuss how our Nonprofits for Nonprofits Program can benefit your organization.

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