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Energy Resilience

We are providing under resourced communities with the solutions they deserve by reducing economic, health, and climate burdens through energy security. 

Low- and Moderate-Income Housing

Many low-income households experience an energy burden, causing a much higher percentage of income to go to energy bills. GEMM COMM's energy upgrade approach will take a heavy weight off of these energy bills while providing a more comfortable housing environment that everyone deserves. 

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Small business owners have a limited access to resources. GEMM COMM has the ability to increase the capacity of your business productivity while decreasing operational costs through technical and financial assistance. 

Other Organizations 

GEMM COMM works with organizations such as other non-profits, faith-based groups, and local government agencies who are facing economic challenges. Our services help large corporations reach their Environmental, Social and Governance goals through sustainable solutions that improve the health and safety of the immediate communities they serve. 

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